GM Fabiano Caruana beat GM Hans Niemann

Caruana’s Stunning Victory Over Prodigy Niemann Seals 2800 Comeback!

In an intense game that kept everyone in the chess world on their screens, Fabiano Caruana demonstrated his superior grandmaster skills by beating the...
sicilian defense closed variation

Understanding the Sicilian Defense: The Closed Variation in Chess

In the vast world of chess, there are myriad opening strategies that players can adopt. Among the most prominent is the Sicilian Defense, a...
Magnus vs Anand

Magnus Defeat Anand in an Interesting GCL 2023

In an awesome GCL game, Magnus Carlsen emerged successful win over Viswanathan Anand in an extreme endgame fight. The clash between two chess titans...
2023 JSCC Quarterfinals

Gukesh and Pranav Shine in the 2023 JSCC Quarterfinals

The world of chess is constantly witnessing the emergence of young talents who captivate audiences with their incredible skills and potential. In the 2023...
Global Chess League - viswanathan anand

Global Chess League: Anand Joins Ganges Grandmasters

The globe of chess will witness an innovative occasion with the establishment of the Global Chess League (GCL). This ambitious effort aims to change...